Freeze Protection Tips From Hanahan Plumbing Co

Freeze warning for Hanahan, SC please protect your plumbing

843-793-1473 Freeze Protection Tips From Hanahan Plumbing Co. It doesn’t freeze very often in the Charleston, SC area often. But when it does, your plumbing system can be damaged. We recommend doing a few things to help save yourself from costly repairs due to freeze damage to your plumbing components. Our recommendations to help avoid […]

Don’t Get Scammed

843-793-1473 Planning A Home Remodel Or Addition? It seems like we always see the worst when we get a call and the owner states, “We just had all this work done, none of my toilets will drain, and I can’t get the contractor to call me back!” Our first question is, “Did the contractor obtain […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Hanahan Plumbing Co