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Backflow Replacement

Is your backflow prevention assembly leaking or damaged beyond repair? Hanahan Plumbing Co has been SCDHEC certified backflow testers for over 20 years. So when you find yourself in need of a backflow prevention assembly replacement, give a local, licensed, experienced plumber a call.

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Backflow Prevention Assembly Replacement

Believe it or not, the primary reason we replace backflow prevention assemblies is because of freeze damage. Hard to imagine considering our relatively warm temperatures but it only takes a few hours of freezing temperatures to crack the brass body of your backflow prevention assembly. Bottom line, protect your backflow prevention assembly from freezing and you'll get many years of replacement free use.

Types of Backflow Prevention Assemblies We Replace

We replace the 3 types of backflow prevention assemblies listed below. Please note that due to changes from water service providers, some types of assemblies may no longer be allowed when it’s time to replace them. One example is a PVB used for irrigation. Many water providers now require an RP, so when you replace your assembly it pays to know what your water provider requires. 

When you choose Hanahan Plumbing Co to replace your backflow prevention assembly, we check with the water provider first to ensure the assembly we install meets their requirements. This is the reason we require a copy of the letter you received from the water provider before we’ll test, repair or replace your assembly.

wilkins 975xl3 reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly


Reduced Pressure Principle
We use the Wilkins 975XL3


Double Check Valve Assembly
We use the Wilkins 950XL3

wilkins 720a pressure vacuum breaker


Pressure Vacuum Breaker
We use the Wilkins 720A

Things To Think About When Replacing Your Backflow Prevention Assembly

1. Type of assembly needed

A common mistake many people make is to pay a “plumber” to replace theire backflow prevention assembly with the same type of assembly that was already there. This can cost you a lot of money.

Many water providers have changed their policies on certain backflow prevention assemblies. A PVB may no longer be acceptable for your irrigation system. Bottom line, make sure your installer checks with the water provider to ensure they’re installing the correct assembly. Also make sure your installer notifies the water provider that they replaced the assembly. 

2. Installation requirements

Just because your existing assembly was in a box below ground for 30 years doesn’t mean a new assembly can be installed in a box below ground. This is another reason to check with your water provider first. Many rules have changed over the years and you don’t want to have them fining you for an improper installation.

A common reason water providers fail RPs is because they are not installed high enough. Be careful when your tape measure shows 12″ because all it takes is a few rocks to be added below the assembly to make that measurement null and void. We always recommend adding a few inches to the minimum requirement.

Another common reason backflow replacemenst fail is because of the working area requirement. If the water provider requires a 6″ clearance on all sides and you provide 5.99″ at the back, the installation will fail and you’ll have to move the assembly. And don’t expect your tester to come back out for free to retest after the repairs are performed.

Piping is a bid deal when replacing a backflow prevention assembly. Some water providers require copper piping. Copper is expensive, we know. But if you don’t use the correct piping or add supports to keep the assembly rigid, you’ll fail and have to spend more money to have the assembly installed correctly.

3. Protection

What do we mean by protection? Two things really. Protection from the weather (freezing temps) and protection from theft.

First thing, freezing, is easy to do. HPC recommends a freeze protection valve that will begin dripping 

Bottom line. Know your water provider's requirements when replacing your backflow prevention assembly. Or choose a company that knows and follows the requirements.

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