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** $25 Backflow Test

** When scheduled in conjunction with Annual Water Heater Maintenance.

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Backflow Test

Completed Within 7 Days of Scheduled Date
3/4" - 1"

Commercial Backflow Test

Must be scheduled online. See details on scheduling page.
3/4" - 2"

Same Day Backflow Test

Residential Same Day or Specific Date Needed
3/4" - 1"

** $25 Residential Backflow Test

** Must be scheduled in conjunction with annual water heater maintenance.
Select test as an add on service when scheduling water heater maintenance.
$200 tank or $225 tankless

Backflow Testing, Repair and Replacement

Backflow services must be scheduled online. When scheduling a backflow service you must provide HPC with a copy of the letter you received from your Water Provider. We recommend taking a picture of the letter and texting it to our main office number immediately after scheduling your service.

backflow testing by hanahan plumbing company

Backflow Testing

When you choose Hanahan Plumbing Co, you’re choosing local, licensed, and over 20 years of testing experience. 

Our goal is to keep your backflow prevention assembly working. With a little care, your assembly shouldn’t need expensive repairs every year and barring a severe freeze, your assembly should last for many years. We’ve seen assemblies that have lasted well over 25 years.

When an assembly fails, it’s typically due to debris buildup in the check valve chamber. We won’t just fail your assembly and walk away or quote a large repair price. Our first step is to disassemble, check, and clean the interior components of your assembly and retest. In our experience, 90% of failures are solved by a simple cleaning.

Testing must be scheduled online and you must provide the letter you received from the Water Purveyor in order for us to test your assembly.

backflow repairs by Hanahan Plumbing Co

Backflow Repairs

How often should you need a repair on your DCVA, PVB or RP?

Really depends on the water flowing through your assembly and how often you use your assembly. For most residential irrigation assemblies, that are serviced properly, the interior components can last 10 years before any repairs are needed. For assemblies protecting an entire building, springs may give out due to water hammer more quickly and more gunk may build up in the assembly so repairs may be needed more quickly. 

But if your test fails, our experience is that 90% of failures can be cured by a simple cleaning.

Tired of paying for expensive annual repairs? Give us a call. Nothing wrong with a second opinion.

When scheduling a backflow service you must provide HPC with a copy of the letter you received from your Water Provider.

Backflow Replacement

There’s nothing cheap about replacing a DCVA, PVB or RP. Brass and copper are expensive and much more time consuming to install than PEX or PVC. But sometimes replacement is the only option.

In our experience, the primary cause for replacement is due to freeze damage. We know, when does it freeze in the Lowcountry? But it only takes a few hours of freezing temps (which may be wind induced) to cause the brass body of your assembly to swell. You don’t always notice a leak when something freezes, but swelling of the brass body will cause internal failures and the only option is to replace the assembly.

Another reason for replacement is physical damage caused by accidents (golf carts, cars, lawnmowers, etc.). And don’t forget theft! When brass prices are high, criminals will steal your assembly for its scrap value.

When scheduling a backflow service you must provide HPC with a copy of the letter you received from your Water Provider.

backflow freeze protection by HPC

Backflow Freeze Protection

What is the number one cause for a backflow replacement? I know it sounds weird, but our experience is freeze damage.

So how do you protect your assembly from freezing? First, if you have one of those green bags, throw it away. They are useless. The only way to prevent water from freezing is to make it flow (or to give it a heat source). And those fake rocks do nothing to prevent ice from forming inside your assembly.

At Hanahan Plumbing Co we only offer one freeze protection option. A freeze protection valve. This valve can be installed on the 4th test cock or outlet piping and it lets water flow out when temperatures hit close to freezing. Just look at the ice sculpture forming in the picture above. My personal assembly is about 13 years old and it has never froze, thanks to the freeze protection valve.

So remember, when you’re trying to figure out how to protect your backflow prevention assembly from freezing, water has to be flowing or continuously heated to prevent it from freezing.

Don't use your irrigation system? Hanahan Plumbing Co can cap and terminate your backflow prevention assembly.

Backflow Termination

Don’t use your irrigation system anymore? Tired of paying for annual testing and/or repairs?

One option is to dig up the piping, remove the irrigation assembly and cap the below ground piping. Please note that we can only do this for irrigation systems, we cannot cap and terminate residential assemblies that supply a pool.

If you decide to go this route make sure you get the finished product inspected by the Water Company to avoid any surprises. 

When scheduling a backflow service you must provide HPC with a copy of the letter you received from your Water Provider.

Backflow Pricing

Below are our residential testing prices. Repair/replacement costs will vary depending on many variables so we must visit your property to give you a price.

ServicePrice (Range)
Residential Test (7 day window)$953/4"-1"
Residential Test - same day$1853/4"-1"
Commercial Test$1853/4"-2"
Dispatch Fee (replacement price)$69Counts towards the service we provide.
Freeze Protection Valve$350Installed on TC4
FPV during test$300Installed on TC4
Test w/ water heater maintenance (tank)$25 ($200)
Test w/ water heater maintenance (tankless)$25 ($225)
Backflow termination (irrigation only)$350-5503/4"-1"

** A diagnostic visit is to give you a price to replace your assembly. Because every situation is unique and your assembly must meet certain codes or installation requirements, we charge a diagnostic charge to visit your property. This price will count towards the replacement cost.

** To give you a repair price, we must test and check the assembly. However, in many cases a simple cleaning is all that is required to get your assembly functioning properly again.

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