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Plumbing emergencies are never fun. The most important thing you can do is stop the flow of water. So before you call a plumber, shut off the water supply to your home. 

What is a plumbing emergency?

At Hanahan Plumbing Co, we define a plumbing emergency as a pressurized water line leak that is causing secondary damage to the home, a whole house sewer clog, or a gas leak that presents a safety hazard to the occupants. 

Our goal during a plumbing emergency is to get your water supply restored, remove the whole house sewer clog, and stop gas from leaking inside your home. Sometimes after hours plumbing emergencies involve us capping a pipe so that we can restore service to most of your home. This might mean you won’t be able to use one of your sinks or toilets until the next business day, but we guarantee to stop the source of the leak. It’s also possible that we will only be able to turn your water or gas off to stop the leak until the next business day if the problem is too big to handle after hours. When you call Hanahan Plumbing Co for your emergency problem, we’ll ask the right questions so we can give you the best course of action before we come out.

Examples of a plumbing emergency.

emergency water line leak

1. Boken water pipe.

A broken water pipe can flood your home or prevent water from entering your home. We recommend dealing with this situation immediately.
Whenever you experience a water leak, it's important to know where your main water shut off valve is located or be able to shut the water off at your meter. Even emergency plumbers can't get to you in 5 minutes so being able to shut your water off is critical.

emergency gas leak

2. Gas leak.

Gas leaks are a safety hazard and are considered a plumbing emergency.
If you smell gas in your home, we recommend calling a plumber right away. But please make shutting off the gas supply your first step. Some homes will have an emergency shut of valve but most do not. We highly recommend knowing how to shut your gas meter off.
Once the gas supply is turned off, open windows and doors to let the gas out of your home.

emergency plumber for whole house sewer clog

3. Whole house sewer clog.

A whole house sewer clog is considered a plumbing emergency. You won't be able to flush any toilets, run water in any sink or tub/shower. If you try to use a plumbing fixture it will come up in the tubs or toilets and possibly flood your home.
We recommend that you stop using any water and call your plumber.

Not all plumbing problems are plumbing emergencies.

Calling an emergency plumber late at night, during the weekend or especially during a holiday is going to cost you. We highly recommend only calling a plumber during emergency hours if you truly have an emergency.

Below are some circumstances that we do not consider emergencies and we recommend that you wait until the next business day to have a plumber come out.

1. No hot water.

No hot water is not fun, but it’s also not an emergency. At Hanahan Plumbing Co, we give priority service for no hot water, but we don’t consider it to be a 3 A.M. plumbing emergency.

2. Clogged toilet.

Unless you only have one toilet, we don’t recommend having an emergency plumber come out at midnight on Sunday. We consider a clogged toilet to be a priority but not a plumbing emergency, unless you only have 1 toilet in your home. Save your money and have a plumber deal with the clog during normal hours.

3. Clogged sink, tub or shower

Know the difference between a whole house clog and an individual fixture clog. If your kitchen sink is the only fixture with a clog, we don’t recommend calling a plumber out after hours or on a holiday. While a clogged sink or tub is annoying, it’s not an emergency. We recommend having a plumber come out during normal hours to save yourself a good bit of money.

4. Leaking faucet or hose bib.

A small leak at your faucet or hose bib is not considered a plumbing emergency. At Hanahan Plumbing Co, we don’t want to charge you high prices to fix a drip outside of normal business hours. We recommend having your plumber fix the problem during normal hours for a normal price.

5. Running/leaking toilet.

If your toilet is running or leaking, we consider that to be a plumbing priority. But we don’t recommend treating it as an after hours plumbing emergency. Our advice is to turn off the shut off valve and have a plumber fix it during normal hours.

6. Disposal not working

If your disposal stops working, is it worth paying emergency plumbing rates to fix it after hours? We highly recommend waiting until the next business day to have it fixed.

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