Please Don’t Use Liquid Clog Removers

Hanahan Plumbing Co says please don't use liquid clog removers in your drains

What is liquid clog remover?

Liquid clog removers or liquid drain openers contain chemicals, such as acids or lye, which can be harmful to your health and sometimes harmful to your drain system. Pouring any drain cleaning chemical into a sink full of water is not advised because a chemical reaction will occur once the chemical meets water.

Why do we warn against using liquid clog removers?

In order to remove a clog, the active ingredient in a liquid clog remover must come into contact with the actual clog. Since most clogs are not near the drain opening, liquid clog removers rarely work. The chemicals just sit in the drain reacting with whatever they contact such as your sink, which can be burned beyond repair, or pipes that can be damaged to the point of leaking.

Some homes have metal drain pipes. Chemicals are not friendly to copper, galvanized and cast iron pipes. Imagine pouring a liquid drain opener in your upstairs sink then while you’re watching TV downstairs you notice a drip because the acid in the drain opener you used ate through the piping in your ceiling. That drip may contain a highly corrosive chemical that can burn human skin or eyes.

Liquid clog removers are not good for your health, just read the label. The chemical itself can burn your skin and eyes. The vapors, especially once poured into a clogged drain, are bad for your lungs and eyes.

What's the best way to remove a clog?

The best way to remove a clog is to use a cable style snake on smaller lines or a high pressure water jet for larger lines. If you don’t have that kind of equipment you’ll probably need to call a plumber to remove the clog for you. 

At Hanahan Plumbing Co we enjoy getting rid of clogs. But we don’t enjoy showing up to a house that has a sink full of water that reeks of acid. Before we can begin snaking the pipe we have to drain the sink and a sink full of acid is harmful to our health.

Our first question when a person calls in about a drain clog is, “Have you poured a chemical drain opener down your sink or drain?” Because we value our health, if you answer yes, we may tell you that we can’t help you. 

So again we highly recommend NOT USING CHEMICAL DRAIN OPENERS!

Please tell your plumber that you used a chemical drain opener!

Once you realize the chemical drain cleaner you poured down your drain doesn’t work, you’ll probably decide to call a plumber. Please be courteous and tell the plumber that you tried to use a liquid drain opener. Plumbers value their health. We don’t want to lose our vision, get skin burns or inhale a toxic chemical. 

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