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Main Water Line Repairs & Replacement

Do you see a puddle in your yard?

Is the water in your home dirty?

Water pressure lower than normal?

Has your water bill risen?

These are signs that you may have a below ground leak in your main water line.

Main Water Line Repairs

When you choose Hanahan Plumbing Co, you’re choosing local, licensed, and over 20 years of experience. 

Most people realize they have a main line water leak when they see their water bill rise from $80 to $200. Other people notice puddles in their yard. And some people notice lower water pressure or dirty water coming from their faucets. All these are indicators that you may have a below ground leak.

Some main water leaks are easy to find while some are not so easy to find. We’ve been finding and fixing main water line leaks for over 20 years. Our promise to you is to give you the best long term repair option. Our goal is to get your main water line flowing properly for many years to come.

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Main Water Line Replacement

What causes a below ground water line to leak? Many things can play a role in making your main water line leak.

Tree roots can crack your water line. Age plays a big role. Buried copper usually develops pin hole leaks after many years due to reactions with the soil and scale buildup inside the pipe. PVC water lines are easily cracked by roots and shifting soil. PEX water lines can be easily cut and sometimes pinched by tree roots. Poly pipes can break down over time be crushed by tree roots. Other metal pipes (especially galvanized) will rust over time.

Leaks in main water lines are common in the lowcountry. When you call Hanahan Plumbing Co, we’ll look at which option (repair or replacement) is better for your wallet over the long term.

Main Water Line Pricing

Pricing for main water line repair and replacement varies depending on many factors. What type of pipe do you have? How old is your pipe? What is the lenth and size of pipe needed to be replaced? Are there any trees in the water line’s path? Does your pipe go under the driveway? How deep is your pipe?

First, we have to find the leak. This can be challenging if your yard is a swamp. Knowing where the leak is and answering all the questions above allows us to determine if a water line repair or replacement is the better option and determine a price.

Bottom line, when you call Hanahan Plumbing Co, we strive to give you the best option for the best price. Our goal is to get your water line flowing for the long term.

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