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Plumbing Maintenance Plans

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Why do water heater manufacturers recommend annual water heater maintenance? 

The heating of water produces scale which can build up in your water heater then spread to pipes and fixtures. This is the primary culprit when your water pressure drops in a sink faucet, shower head and even your toilet fill valve. Scale buildup in your water heater can effect its functionality and lead to an early demise of the tank. Scale can also lead to deterioration of pipes as it sticks to the interior wall of your piping.

Tankless water heaters also produce scale. Because there isn’t a storage tank the scale will stick to the interior piping of the water heater and travel into your plumbing pipes.

We highly recommend servicing your water heater annually to help reduce the effects of scale on your plumbing system.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hanahan Plumbing Co recommends servicing your tank style water heater annually.

This is what scale looks like. It can be white or it can be brown if your water heater has started to rust.

Benefits Of Becoming A Loyalty Customer

Water Heater Maintenance

** Residential Price Only
$ 150 Yearly
  • flush tank to remove sediment
  • check elements and thermostats
  • check piping and connections
  • Emergency Service Guarantee
  • Priority Scheduling (M-F 8-5)
  • 15% off water heater repairs
  • 10% off plumbing repairs
  • Service fee waived

Tankless Maintenance

** Residential Price Only
$ 150 Yearly
  • flush tankless water heater
  • check interior components
  • check piping and connections
  • Emergency Service Guarantee
  • Priority Scheduling (M-F 8-5)
  • 15% off water heater repairs
  • 10% off plumbing repairs
  • Service fee waived

** $99 Annual Maintenance for HPC installed water heaters.

Price only valid if unit is serviced each consecutive year following installation.

Become A Loyalty Customer Today & Become A Part Of Our Family

At Hanahan Plumbing Co, we’re seeking customers for life. We don’t offer money saving gimmicks to attract one time callers, we give those savings to our loyal and well established customers. Repairing an emergency leak or snaking a sewer at 3 AM is not fun for anyone involved. Our phone is always on for our Loyalty Customers – you won’t get our voicemail when you call and need us most. Our goal is to be the only plumber you ever need to call.

Maintenance Plan Restrictions

Discounts may not be used for Maintenance Program because our Maintenance Program is already discounted.
Annual Maintenance pricing does not apply to water heaters in attics, crawlspaces, ceilings, concealed locations or more than 6′ above ground.
We do not service electric tankless and propane tankless water heaters.
Benefits of maintenance plan last for 1 year from the date purchased.
Discounts apply to labor portion of invoice only (up to first $1,000 of labor).
Discounts only apply to repair and replacements.
Other discounts cannot be used with the maintenance plan discount.
** Discounts cannot be used during emergency service because price is already discounted.

Please use licensed contractors!

Please protect yourself by verifying your plumber, electrician, gas contractor or HVAC technician is licensed by visiting the SCLLR website and conducting a license search. It’s also smart to ask for your contractor’s insurance certificate.

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