Hanahan Plumbing Co hates robocalls, telemarketers and junk calls

At Hanahan Plumbing Company we value our customers’ privacy.

We will never share any of your information with third parties. We will never call, email or text you unless you have requested us to do so.

The information we collect from our customers is used for scheduling, plumbing problem diagnosis, invoicing, follow up information (such as product registration information) and estimating purposes only. We also use your information to send yearly reminders if you have agreed to have us perform an annual service such as water heater maintenance.

We truly understand how annoying unsolicited emails, texts and phone calls can be. We get at least 10 unsolicited emails and 5 unsolicited phone calls per day. We HATE being bombarded by robocalls every day!! This is why we will never use this tactic to “harass” our valued customers and potential customers.

We take our customers’ privacy seriously, so if you ever receive an unsolicited email, phone call or any other type of unsolicited communication from Hanahan Plumbing Company please call and report the issue to us.

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