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What's the best clog remover? A sewer and drain cleaning specialist with the proper equipment.

Sewer Clog Emergency?

It’s never a fun situation to come home to find out you can’t use your toilets, sinks or showers because your sewer line is clogged. Grease and roots cause the majority of sewer clogs but sometimes you may have a bad section of pipe. We have the proper equipment to find the problem and fix it. If you can’t solve the problem with your plunger, call Hanahan Plumbing Co.

You have a lot of options when looking for a drain cleaning company. We highly recommend choosing a company that answers your call when you need them the most. Hanahan Plumbing Co knows how to get your drains flowing again. Call or schedule online today. We value the opportunity to help our neighbors.


A 2 way sewer clean out helps during a sewer clog

Steps To Take During A Sewer Clog

First, check to see if you have a clean out. You should have have one clean out by your home and another clean out at your property line (tap clean out). Check to see if there’s standing water in the tap clean out. If the answer is yes, call the county and they will come out for free.

Second, remove the clean out plug by your house. This will allow the wastewater to flow into your yard instead of your house. If you don’t see any standing water in either clean out, the problem is below your home.

Third, call a local, licensed and experienced sewer and drain cleaning specialist to remove your clog.

sewer line camera inspection in Hanahan and the Charleston, SC Lowcountry area

Why Choose Hanahan Plumbing Co For Your Sewer and Drain Clog Needs?

Hanahan Plumbing Co. has been providing sewer and drain cleaning services to Hanahan and the surrounding Charleston, SC Lowcountry area for over 30 years. We are lifelong Lowcountry residents and we value the opportunity to help our neighbors. 

When you choose Hanahan Plumbing Co to be your sewer and drain cleaning expert, you’re choosing a small family owned, local, licensed and experienced Lowcountry plumber.

HPC will get to the root of the problem. We don’t just break the clog and leave, we want to know why you experienced a sewer clog. Checking the pipe, after we bust the clog, to see if you will have any more problems is important to us. We hate when a problem comes back in 3 days and we’re sure you hate that too.

Experiencing A Sewer Clog?

2 Free Helpful Tips From Hanahan Plumbing Co

2 way sewer clean out installation in Hanahan and the Charleston, SC Lowcountry area

2 Way Sewer Clean Out

A 2 way sewer clean out located where the sewer line exits your home’s foundation is required by code. However, many older homes do not have these or the owner doesn’t know where it’s located. It’s possible one is present but it’s buried below 2′ of dirt or hidden by bushes. We strongly recommend knowing where this clean out is located and if you don’t have one, install one. This clean out makes it possible for plumbers to access your sewer line to remove the clog. If sewer is backing up into your home you can remove the cap, allowing the sewage to flow into your yard instead of flooding your house.


Sewer Tap Clean Out

A clean out at your sewer tap, most often located at the front property line, is also required by code. However, many older homes do not have these. They may also be buried or covered over by bushes or even driveways. What’s the most important reason to have a clean out at your sewer tap? To save money. If you remove the cap and your line is clogged at the tap, the local sewer authority will solve the problem for free – so you don’t have to pay a plumber! We highly recommend know where this clean out is located, how to remove the cap and if you don’t one, install one.

*** Don't wait until you're experiencing a flood of sewage inside your home to start looking for your sewer clean outs. Find them now or have them installed. It's cheaper to install clean outs when it's not an emergency! If you are buying a home, make the current owners show you where these clean outs are located. If they don't have them, install them.

sewer line camera inspection for Hanahan and the Charleston, SC Lowcountry area

What's In Your Sewer Line?

Having constant problems with sewer clogs? Need to replace your sewer line but you don’t know where it goes? Buying a new home and want to make sure the sewer line is in good condition? 

We can help with that. Call us today or schedule a video sewer inspection online.

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