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Time To Replace Your Sewer Line?

It’s never fun to be told you need a new sewer line. Sewer lines are expensive and sewer line replacement gets a little messy. You’re talking about digging a trench in your yard from your house to the property line.

At Hanahan Plumbing Co, we don’t take chances when giving you a sewer line quote. We require the use of our camera and locating equipment to determine the exact path of your sewer line. This service costs $255 but we deduct this from the final sewer line replacement invoice if we do the work.

Knowing where your sewer line runs is important. If it runs under a tree, that’s going to raise your cost. Do you really want to have $1000’s added to your bill after the work has already begun because nobody knew the line went under a tree or driveway?

We highly recommend choosing a local, licensed, and experienced plumber to replace your sewer line. Sewer lines are not easy and if you go with an unlicensed person because their price is the cheapest, you may pay a lot more to fix the same problem again – we’ve seen it happen. And ensure your “plumber” gets a permit from your municipality and has the pipe inspected before covering it up!

Steps to follow when replacing your sewer line.

First. Have your line inspected with a sewer camera.

Having your line inspected helps eliminate a lot of unforeseen problems during the actual replacement. It's also possible that you might not need a complete replacement. The camera doesn't lie, so we'll be able to tell if we can save you money.
Locating the line (marked with flags) lets everyone see the actual path the pipe is traveling. This helps a lot if your sewer line goes below trees or driveways. It even lets you know if your sewer tap is located across the street or 3 doors down - we've seen this happen and it wil make the cost triple.
Having your line marked for $255 can be an big money saver - especially if the $255 is deducted from the final replacement cost.

Second. Have the utilities marked on your property.

Utility lines can be amajor cost factor when replacing your sewer line. If your pipe is too close to a gas line, this will increase your cost. And if a gas line gets cut during excavation, you're gonna have a bigger and more costly problem. There's a reason you should have SC811 mark your property, make sure your plumber does.

Third. Get a permit.

The easiest way to protect yourself, when spending money to replace your sewer line, is to get a permit. A permit will ensure that your plumber is licensed. And before thepipe can be buried, the municipal building inspector will inspect the work to make sure it was performed properly. We highly recommend a permit for a sewer line replacement/

Fourth. Replacement or trenchless pipe relining?

Be careful if someone is selling you a trenchless sewer line. Trenchless pipe relining is a great option but your existing pipe must be in good enough shape. If your existing sewer line was incorrectly installed, we recommend replacing the pipe to get it right. Never use pipe relining if your existing line is not graded properly. Pipe relining will not get rid of bellies in the pipe. If you have orangeburg pipe and it's collapsed, we do not recommend pipe relining. Using a camera will show any possible problems so we highly recommend camera first.

Finally. When the new pipe is installed get it inspected!

Make sure that the local building official inspects the sewer line replacement before the pipe is buried to ensure the job was done right. Once covered, it's really hard to make corrections.
Chances are you'll need more dirt to get your yard level once the trench is filled. We recommend waiting a few months and once the dirt has settled, add some more dirt. We're plumbers, not landscapers so don't expect a beautifully manicured yard when the job is finished. The grass will eventually grow back.

Required Clean-outs

Make sure you have these 2 types of clean-outs

2 way sewer clean out installation in Hanahan and the Charleston, SC Lowcountry area

2 Way Sewer Clean Out

A 2 way sewer clean out located where the sewer line exits your home’s foundation is required by code. However, many older homes do not have these or the owner doesn’t know where it’s located. It’s possible one is present but it’s buried below 2′ of dirt or hidden by bushes. We strongly recommend knowing where this clean out is located and if you don’t have one, install one. This clean out makes it possible for plumbers to access your sewer line to remove the clog. If sewer is backing up into your home you can remove the cap, allowing the sewage to flow into your yard instead of flooding your house.

Hanahan Plumbing Co recommends knowing where your sewer tap clean out is located.

Sewer Tap Clean Out

A clean out at your sewer tap, most often located at the front property line, is also required by code. However, many older homes do not have these. They may also be buried or covered over by bushes or even driveways. What’s the most important reason to have a clean out at your sewer tap? To save money. If you remove the cap and your line is clogged at the tap, the local sewer authority will solve the problem for free – so you don’t have to pay a plumber! We highly recommend know where this clean out is located, how to remove the cap and if you don’t one, install one.

sewer line camera inspection for Hanahan and the Charleston, SC Lowcountry area

What's In Your Sewer Line?

Having constant problems with sewer clogs? Need to replace your sewer line but you don’t know where it goes? Buying a new home and want to make sure the sewer line is in good condition? 

We can help with that. Call us today or schedule a video sewer inspection online.

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