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Sewer Line Replacement & Repairs

If you’re experiencing constant clogs, it might be time to replace your sewer line. Call the experts at Hanahan Plumbing Co today and let’s determine what the true problem is and how we need to fix it.

The most common problem we face in the lowcountry is tree roots. First, roots can grow into your pipe causing clogs. They can grow below your pipe and raise it which causes a back grade where paper and debris will pile up causing a clog. Roots can also put enough pressure on the pipe to crack and shift it.

Of course old cast iron, clay and orangeburg pipes still exist in older homes which have now reached the end of their useful life and should be replaced.

Hanahan Plumbing Co is a local, licensed and experienced sewer line replacement expert

When Should My Sewer Line Be Replaced?

Take note, sewer lines don’t always need to be replaced, sometimes they can be repaired.

Are you calling a plumber every 3-6 months (or sooner) to snake your sewer line? Make sure your plumber has a sewer camera so they can determine what is causing the problem. Our policy is to always camera the line so we can tell you if any problems exist in your sewer line. You don’t like wasting money for constant clogs and we don’t like coming back for the same problem 3-4 times in a year.

If you have cast iron, clay, or Orangeburg pipe we are going to recommend sewer line replacement. If you have roots in the pipe we will recommend repairing that section, if possible, or complete replacement. If you have a belly in the pipe (section constantly full of water due to improper grade) we will generally recommend replacement to get proper grade. If you have PVC pipe but it’s full of grease (which can get hard like concrete in the pipe) we will recommend jetting the line.

We strive to be honest with our diagnosis/recommendation and fair with our pricing. We understand sewer replacement isn’t cheap and isn’t on anyone’s wish list. If we recommend replacement it’s because that’s what we’d do at our homes. We won’t do costly repairs when we know they won’t be permanent repairs.

How Do We Assess & Quote A Sewer Line Replacement?

First We Camera

To properly verify if your sewer line needs to be replaced we need to see its condition. We use a sewer camera to inspect the line to ensure replacement is needed. Never let someone tell you to replace your sewer line if they haven't run a camera in the line. It's also important to have utility lines marked before getting a quote.

Next We Locate

If replacement is needed, we then locate and mark the entire sewer line. This lets us know where the line goes, how deep it is and if any problems will arise due to its location. Never accept a per foot quote if your plumber is guessing at the tap location. It can actually be across the street or three houses down.

Now We Quote

Only after we know the condition, length, depth, and location of your sewer line can we give you an accurate quote. We also wait until all utilities have been marked before giving you a quote. Cut Dominion Energy's gas line and they charge thousands of dollars to fix it.

Requirements For Camera & Locating

In order to run a camera in your sewer line, a ground level two way clean out out must be present where the sewer line exits the building. If clean out is not present we would need to find the pipe and put a temporary hole in the pipe to run the camera.

We cannot stress enough how important clean outs are. A 2 way clean out will be located within 5′ of the building and a tap clean out will be located at your property line usually by the street. If you are buying a home, make the owners physically show you where the 2 way clean out and the tap clean out are located. If they can’t show you then chances are they don’t have them. You’ll need these because they will save you money in the future. 

If your line is clogged at the tap, you won’t have to pay a plumber to solve your problem, the county will do it for free (so long as you have a tap clean out). If you don’t have a 2 way clean out then you’re gonna pay a plumber to pull a toilet and make a huge mess in your house. If the clog is in your yard, you can keep your home from having a sewer flood by removing the cap of the 2 way clean out and letting the sewage flood outside.

Please Use Licensed Plumbers!

Protect yourself! Please use licensed plumbers if you need a sewer line replacement. 

Make sure your plumber obtains a permit and gets the job inspected by the local building official. A permit and code inspection will ensure that the job was done right. 

The only plumber who will tell you a permit is not required and advised for a sewer line replacement is not a real plumber who isn’t licensed and can’t obtain a permit.

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