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Tankless Water Heater Annual Service

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Why is it important to service your natural gas tankless water heater annually?

First, many manufacturers such as Rinnai expressly state in their manual that the unit should be flushed annually. Not servicing your unit can lead to warranty claims being denied. Navien doesn’t require annual service but it’s highly recommended due to the hard water in our area.

The primary reason we recommend annual service for your tankless water heater is to keep your unit functioning for as long possible.  We don’t just flush the heater, we check the interior components, vent filters, water filters, piping and connections. 

If we didn’t install the unit, the first thing we verify is that the unit was correctly installed. If we find installation problems we will give you a quote to correct the problems before we service the unit.

Please make Hanahan Plumbing Co your first choice for your next tankless water heater annual service. Let us show you what local, licensed and experienced really means.

Should a homeowner flush a tankless water heater?

Anyone can read a manual and figure out how to flush a tankless water. But there’s more to servicing a tankless water heater than just flushing it. HPC recommends using a licensed plumber to service your tankless water heater annually. Tankless water heaters are a complex piece of equipment with lots of wires, piping and components which are easy to damage. Many tankless water heaters have multiple filters inside the unit which need to be cleaned so we advise hiring a licensed professional for annual service. Hanahan Plumbing Co charges $125 for annual tankless water heater maintenance and we hope to work with you soon.

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Tankless Maintenance

** Residential Price Only
$ 150 Yearly
  • flush tankless water heater
  • check interior components
  • check piping and connections
  • Emergency Service Guarantee
  • Priority Scheduling (M-F 8-5)
  • 15% off water heater repairs
  • 10% off plumbing repairs
  • Service fee waived

*** $99 Annual Maintenance for HPC installed natural gas tankless water heaters.

Please use licensed contractors!

Please protect yourself by verifying your plumber, electrician, gas contractor or HVAC technician is licensed by visiting the SCLLR website and conducting a license search. It’s also smart to ask for your contractor’s insurance certificate.

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