Don’t Drill A Hole In Your Sewer Line Unless You Plan To Install A Sewer Clean Out

Don't drill a hole in your sewer line unless you plan to install a sewer clean out

Tips for Avoiding Sewer Roots

Have you ever had a sewer clog, called your plumber, and the first question they asked you was “Do you have a sewer clean out?’

A sewer clean out is not something, as homeowners, we usually think about until we actually need it. But when a sewer clog happens, it’s the most important item you can have.

Do's and Dont's of Snaking Your Sewer Line

Your plumber shows up and starts looking for a clean out. Oops, the plumber can’t find one! What does this mean? It means we have to dig up the pipe and drill a hole in it before we can snake the sewer line. I’m pretty sure you can guess that digging up the sewer line for a clean out access just added a bunch of money to your bill.

After digging and drilling the plumber finally gets the snake into the sewer line and removes the clog. Yeah! But what happens next? This is the most important part of the entire call at this point. How does your plumber fix the hole that he or she drilled into your sewer line which is 2’-4’ below ground where roots love to grow? Does your plumber install a clean out or does your plumber simply place an unsealed cover over the hole in the pipe and cover it up?

A few words of advice

At Hanahan Plumbing Co, we believe that the only solution to making access in your sewer line is to install a two way clean out. If you don’t have a clean out, before we do anything we will give you a price to install a clean out.

Why will we not do the cheap option of drilling a hole and throwing a cover over the hole in the pipe? Because we don’t want you calling us back in 6 months to a year when you have another sewer clog because roots grew into unsealed hole in the pipe. Roots will not grow into a properly glued PVC clean out fitting, but they will find the moisture if an unsealed cover is placed over the hole. Also, a two way clean out will save you money in the event of future clogs because your plumber won’t have to dig up the pipe and drill a hole or remove/reset your toilet.

So please protect yourself from future plumbing problems by insisting that your plumber install a clean out if they have to drill a hole in the pipe to access your sewer line.

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