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Toilet Repairs & Replacement

Toilet not flushing properly, leaking or running? Might be time for a toilet repair. Hanahan Plumbing Co is local, licensed, experienced and ready to help solve your toilet problems.

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Toilet Repairs

Is your toilet not flushing properly or filling up by itself at night (aka the ghost flush)? Chances are you need a toilet repair. Fill valves, flappers, flush valves, tank to bowl kits and supply tubes are the main components of your toilet tank. If you need a toilet repair, give us a call, we’re ready to get your toilet flushing properly again.

One word of advice about toilet tanks. Please don’t use bleach tablets in your toilet tank. Bleach and other harsh chemicals will cause the rubber seals in your tank to deteriorate resulting in a leak. 

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Toilet Replacement

Hopefully your toilet doesn’t look like the one in this picture but if it does, we’re ready to help with your toilet replacement needs. We recommend American Standard and Kohler toilets and a toilet with a standard flapper (2″ or 3″) so that you don’t have to call a plumber just to replace the flapper. 

The main reason toilets need to be replaced is because of damage to the porcelain. We highly recommend replacing your toilet if it’s cracked or broken for safety reasons – porcelain is very sharp!

Another reason is scale buildup in the toilet rim which comes with age. This restricts the flow of water and causes a lazy flush. 

Give us a call, we’ll bring the toilet or install the toilet you bought.

toilet wax ring Hanahan Plumbing Co

Wax Ring Replacement

Do you see water at the base of your toilet? Might be time for a new wax ring. That’s right we still recommend wax. While the neoprene toilet gaskets look and sound nice, they require a perfect flange installation or they will leak. Most flanges in the lowcountry are not perfect nor is the flooring around them so we still use use wax to seal your toilet to the floor.

A word of advice about wax rings. If your toilet flange is a repair type flange, use a standard wax ring (without the funnel). Using a wax ring with a funnel in this situation will not sit right and your toilet will leak at the base.

We also recommend using plastic closet bolts. They are less likely to break your flange by overtightening and they don’t rust. 

toilet flange repairs

Toilet Flange Replacement

Does your toilet wobble? There’s a good chance you have a damaged toilet flange.

If your flange is cracked or broken, you’ll need a toilet flange replacement. And if you need a toilet flange replacement, give us a call, we have over 20 years of experience. 

How do we replace a toilet flange? Sometimes we have to bust the concrete floor to access the pipe below. Sometimes we can remove the existing flange and glue a new one in its place. Other times we can install an inside flange.

Bottom line, if you’re not experienced working with toilet flanges, we highly recommend calling an experienced plumber before attempting to do the repair yourself. 

toilet clogs Hanahan Plumbing Co

Toilet Clogs

It happens, toilets clog sometimes. Usually, you can use a plunger to get it unclogged. But sometimes, no matter how many times you plunge it, the clog comes back. If you experience constant toilet clogs, there’s a good chance something is stuck in the toilet trap.

We find all kinds of things in toilets: tootbrushes, combs, toys, beauty products, seashells, credit cards, remote controls, cell phones, cups and pill bottles. If you can find it in the bathroom, it can get flushed down the toilet accidentally (or sometimes on purpose by a 4 year old kid like I was – it’s fun to watch toys go down the watery vortex!).

We guarantee we can get the item out of your toilet, but we can’t guarantee we can save your toilet. Some items lodge in the trap so well that we have to break the toilet to get the item out. 

Toilet Repair Pricing

You can check out some of our common toilet repair price ranges by visiting our pricing page.

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