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What Is A Gas Safety Test?

First, let's discuss the different type of gas services you may need.

1. Gas Leak Detection

Did you smell gas in or around your home? Did you call Dominion Energy to report the smell? Did they come out and verify you have a gas leak, tell you to call a licensed plumber to repair the leak, and then they placed a lock on your gas meter?

A gas leak is a serious problem and needs to be addressed quickly. But in order to fix the leak we first have to locate the leak in order to give you an accurate quote to repair the leak. 

2. Gas Line Leak Repair

Once the leak is pinpointed, a repair quote can be given. Many factors will determine the cost of the lek repair. A licensed plumber is going to make sure the repair is safely done to code. This may require more pipe to be replaced than just where the leak is located. 

Please know if you choose Hanahan Plumbing Co to perform the leak detection and leak repair we will do the work to code to ensure your gas lines are safe when we are finished. In some cases (such as minor repairs) a permit will not be required because Dominion Energy can check the minor repair and determine that is is safe to turn the gas back on. In other cases a permit will be required to complete the repairs.

** Please note, Hanahan Plumbing Co wll not obtain a permit for anyone else to perform any gas related repairs.

3. Gas Line Installation

Are you planning to add a gas line to your deck to add a grill or fire pit? Perhaps you need a gas line run to your new pool heater? All these situations require a new installation permit.

We get a lot of calls from owners stating the gas line has already been installed to the new equipment but they need a permit in order to get the gas meter set and turned on. Please note, if someone installs a gas line then they should be able to obtain the required gas permit. If your gas installer cannot obtain a permit then they are not licensed to do gas work. 

Many times owners will install their own gas line and call us asking for a “gas safety test”. This situation and the before mentioned situation are not a gas safety test. The permit needed in these cases is a gas line installation permit.

** Please note that Hanahan Plumbig Co will not obtain a permit for any gas related work to be done or that has already been done by other people. We will only obtain a gas permit for work that we physically perform. We provide the labor and we provide the material for any job where a permit is involved. If your gas installer can’t obtain a permit we’ll be happy to quote you for the entire job, including removing any pipe the unlicensed installer installed.

4. Gas Safety Test

Finally, after we’ve discussed the other gas services you may need, we’re ready to talk about what a gas safety test is.

A gas safety test is exactly what it says – a test to determine that the gas lines and fixtures are safe for you to use.

So what does this entail? A gas safety test is only required when the Natural Gas Provider locks the meter because the gas has not been used in many months or the gas utility bill was not paid so the Gas Provider placed a lock on the meter. A permit must be obtained by a licensed plumber to perform a gas safety test which must be inspected and passed by the local Building Official.

What do we check for during a gas safety test? First we look at all the gas piping and fixtures to ensure they are installed correctly and can function safely. We also check to make sure all piping and fixtures meet code. We do this for your safety as well as to protect ourselves. Our highest liability in plumbing is natural gas so we will not cut corners when it comes to gas safety. It only takes one gas explosion or one death from carbon monoxide poisoning to terminate a plumbing company’s existence.

Please note, if your gas piping or fixtures are not installed correctly, we will give you a price to correct the problems. It does not matter how long ago an installation was done incorrectly, in order to pass a gas safety test it must be done correctly now.

Finally, we will connect a pressure gauge to the gas piping and ensure that it holds 10 psi of pressure. The piping must hold 10 psi for 24 hours to ensure no leaks are present in the lines. If any leaks are found, they must be located and repaired. 

Once the system is deemed by the local Building Official to be installed correctly and free from leaks, he/she will call the Gas Provider to have your gas turned back on.

Thanks For Reading

Sorry to be so long but we feel it is necessary to explain what a gas safety test really is because of the many calls we get asking us to obtain a gas permit for work that someone else has performed.

We hope this will give you a good understanding of how a gas safety test works, as well as the other primary gas services we offer. And we hope you’ll consider calling us the next time you have a gas related issue that you would like solved safely and professionally.

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