What’s The Best Clog Remover?

What's the best clog remover? A sewer and drain cleaning specialist with the proper equipment.

So, what is the best clog remover?

The absolute best clog remover on the planet is an experienced plumber with the proper drain cleaning equipment. Experienced plumbers know how to keep your drains flowing properly.

Don’t waste your time and money buying the liquid stuff in a bottle. Liquid drain openers rarely work and they’re not good for your pipes or health!

Why do plumbers cringe when we see liquid clog removers in your kicthen sink cabinet?

First, plumbers know from experience that the liquid clog removers you buy at the store rarely remove the clog. So when you call us, we see the harmful chemical doing damage to your sinks and other plumbing fixtures. These chemicals are also bad for some types of plumbing pipe. As plumbers, we value our drain cleaning equipment, which can be damaged by the chemicals in liquid clog removers.

Second, we care about your health and ours. Liquid clog removers are not friendly to a person’s health. The vapors are bad for your lungs and eyes. The actual chemical, stuck in your sink or pipes, is bad for eyes and skin. Needless to say, your plumber values his/her health.

So the next time you ask yourself what’s the best clog remover? Please skip the liquid and call your plumber first. 

But if you do attempt using a liquid clog remover, please tell your plumber what you used when you schedule an emergency drain cleaning appointment with them.

Need a clog removed?

Call your favorite plumber! And if you don’t have a favorite plumber in the Charleston, SC area, give us a call, we’d love to help get your drains flowing again.

At Hanahan Plumbing Co we use two methods to remove clogs. Cable style drain snakes and high pressure jetting equipment. We’ve never seen a liquid clog remover clear solid grease from a drain line, but snaking and hydojetting can completely clear the pipe walls of grease.

Thanks for reading and we hope we’ve changed your mind if you were considering dumping liquid clog remover down your drains!

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