Who’s The Best Plumber To Call?

Hanahan Plumbing Co recommends using local, licensed, experienced plumbers who always answer the phone and who will get dirty to solve your problems.

So. Who's the best plumber to call?

It’s an age old question people have been asking. Who is the best plumber to call? And there’s no simple answer but we’d like to share our thoughts on the attributes we think should help you answer that question.

What makes a plumber good?

Depending on your situation, a really great commercial plumber may not be right for you. Different plumbers specialize in different skills. You won’t want to call a residential plumber to work on a commercial property and you won’t want to call a commercial plumber to work on industrial plumbing. So your situation will sometimes help dictate who’s the best plumber to call.

Some plumbers only do service work while some plumbers only do new construction. Many plumbers don’t work with gas lines. Crawl spaces and attics are off limits to some plumbers. You might find a plumber who only works on water heaters and won’t touch a sewer line. Most plumbers have a website so we recommend looking at the services tab to see what services they offer.

So before you call, make sure you’re calling the right type of plumber. You may be calling the best industrial plumber when you actually need a plumber who works on residential plumbing. In that case, the best industrial plumber is not a good plumber because they don’t do residential plumbing and can’t help you.

What attributes make a good plumber?

First, we feel the three words: local, licensed and experienced are very important. Second, is the plumber willing to get dirty to fix your problem? Finally, does the plumber answer the phone when you call in need of help? Let’s face it, how often does someone call a plumber just to have a friendly chat about life?

1. Why Local?

Choosing a local plumber is important for a few reasons. The closer a plumber is to your location, the quicker they can get to your location during an emergency. A local plumber cares about their reputation because they not only work in the area, they live in the area. Finally, a local plumber isn’t bound to a company policy set by someone 7 states away who only cares about the company’s bottom line on the balance sheet. If you want an honest plumber who won’t try to sell you more services than you need, local is the way to go.

2. Why licensed?

Licensed plumbers are licensed to perform plumbing work. A license doesn’t mean they are the best plumber in town, but they have enough work experience to take the state licensing exam and pass the exam to actually receive the license. Licensed plumbers should have liability insurance to cover the work they do and workers compensation insurance to cover their employees if they get hurt on your property. If an unlicensed person performs work that requires a license and problems arise, it’s doubtful you’ll have any legal recourse if you choose the cheaper unlicensed route.

People often complain about the higher prices that licensed plumbers charge. But maintaining a license and everything else that comes with it is expensive. It’s also more expensive to do the job correctly and to code. Just know if you choose an unlicensed person to perform plumbing work because they’re cheap, you’ll get what you pay for. You can check a person’s or company’s license status by visiting the SCLLR website https://verify.llronline.com/LicLookup/LookupMain.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

3. Why Experienced?

Perhaps the main thing you want in a plumber is experience. Experience allows a plumber to quickly diagnose problems and provide the best solution. Different plumbers have different levels of experience with different types of plumbing issues. It takes years of working as a plumber to gain experience with all the different aspects of plumbing. Water lines, drain lines, gas lines, water heaters, leak detection, sewer clogs, installations, repairs, replacements and much more. 

No plumber can be an expert on every plumbing item out there, but a well rounded experienced service plumber will have the knowledge to help you with all of your plumbing repair needs. And a really experienced plumber will know when to tell you that he/she isn’t the expert on this item and refer you to someone who is more experienced with the actual problem. A great example of this is recirculating hot water systems in homes. Recirculating systems were primararily used in commercial settings so many residential plumbers have never worked with them. It’s always a good idea to be as specific as you can about the problem you’re experiencing before paying a plumber to come out. An experienced plumber can tell you before you schedule if they perform the type of work you need.

A note about experience. When you pay a plumber, you’re primarily paying for their experience. They’ve seen enough problems to know what it takes to fix the problem. So be careful if you decide to go cheap, chances are the “cheap” person probably doesn’t know what is required to actually fix the problem and that’s why their price is so cheap.

4. Willingness to get dirty.

If you ever see a plumber in a white shirt without any dirt on it whatsoever, think twice about what they do all day. When you perform plumbing repairs, you’re going to get a little dirty. Most emergency plumbing repairs require you to get a little bit dirty. So make sure that your plumber doesn’t mind getting dirty to fix your plumbing problem. You want your plumber to be a plumber, not a salesman.

5. Loyalty and relationships.

If you find a quality plumber, stick with them. Plumbers are people. We know who our loyal customers are and we’re going to treat them like family. The longer you stick with a plumber, the better he/she is going to treat you. And you may also notice, local plumbers tend to give their loyal customers better pricing than people who call three plumbers every time they have a problem and choose the cheapest price.

It’s no different than a friend you see every week calling you asking you to help them move a piece a furniture. Honestly, moving furniture is a nightmare, but you’re gonna make time to help them. Now someone who has lived 3 doors down from you for 20 years, but only talked to you once 15 years ago, calls and asks you to help them move a grand piano. What are you going to tell this person? Probably, no. Plumbers are no different, we know who our loyal customers are just like you know who your loyal friends are.

6. Answers the phone.

We’re listing it last but answering the phone is probably the most important attribute your plumber can have. The last thing you want when you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency is to be sent to voicemail. So make sure that your plumber answers the phone.

A note about phone responsiveness. Plumbers are like any other business. They’re going to take care of their established customers first. So you may get a voicemail when you call, if the plumber is on the phone with a customer, but they should call you back within minutes if you leave a message. 

Many plumbers only answer the phone for established customers after hours. And many plumbers don’t answer at all after hours. If you’re calling after hours and get a voicemail, leave a message and see how quickly they call you back. You might be surprised, plumbers are people too and sometimes we just can’t get to the phone quick enough, especially after hours, but a quality plumber will get your voicemail and call you right back.

Again, who’s the best plumber to call? The plumber who answers your call.

Thanks for reading.

We know finding a trustworthy and quality plumber is often difficult. So we hope the information we provided helps you make a better selection when deciding who’s the best plumber to call.

At Hanahan Plumbing Co, we pride ourselves in being a small family owned, local, licensed and experienced plumbing company. We’ve been licensed since 1997 and worked in the plumbing industry many years before that.

We know that we have to get dirty to solve most of the plumbing problems our customers call us for. And we don’t mind. Getting dirty is just as fun now as when we were kids playing in the dirt.

We treat our loyal customers like family. We give them priority scheduling for service and money saving discounts. That’s why you never see us advertising discounts to draw in new customers, because we give discount pricing to our loyal and well established customers.

Finally, Hanahan Plumbing Co always answers our phone unless we’re on the other line, or if your number pops up as spam or a blocked caller. When you call Hanahan Plumbing Co you’ll speak directly with an experienced plumber, not a call center. So if you get a voicemail, please leave a message because we will get back to you within 5-10 minutes from receiving your message.

So if you’ve read this far and still need to find a plumber, give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to see if we can work together, for the long term. We want to be the answer to who’s the best plumber to call.

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